Nero 6.6 size problem

i was wondering if anyone has the same problem.

nero 6.6 and above seems to have this problem with CDs. if i pop in a 650mb CD-R/RW, my yellow marker will be shown at around 650mb (~74min) and 700mb (~

then if i pop in a 700mb CD-R/RW, the yellow and red markers jump to 700mb (~80min) and 750mb (~85min).

why does this happen? i went back to nero 6.3 and the problem goes away. anyone seen this?

Yes. I have some problem.

The yellow and red markers are showing how much Nero can overburn on this disc if the burner and disc are capable of this. The Nero program is autodetecting your available capacity and showing you how much over burn would be available.

yes. i know about the overburning. but the yellow and red markers should not move if you switch from a 650mb to a 700mb CD-R. overburn a 700mb cd to 750mb? thats just not possible… right?

perhaps i didn’t explain it quite clearly. when a 650mb cdr/rw is put in the yellow marker is at 650mb, and the red marker is at 700mb. from using nero for many years, this is right, as the yellow marker represents the 650mb and the red for 700mb. if i put in a 700mb CD, the positions of the markers should not change.
instead, they move to 700mb (yellow) and 750mb(red).

under the preferences, i have yellow and red markers set at 74min and 80min.

the dialog that pops up to ask you to close and finalise CD because there is no more space, doesn’t show up anymore when i try to burn about 700mb onto a 700mb CD.

It is possible. With Nero 6.6 we have a short lead in/lead out option that will increase the capacity of burning to a disc.

i know about that feature. but that is not enabled… and it still happens.
nero doesn’t have the problem.

so wats nero’s take on this. i did this. i uninstalled nero, clean it up with the cleantools, even tried the demo instead. the problem still exists. went back to and the problem went away.

i’m using a sony DRU-510a, winxp. are people experiencing this?