Nero 6.6 OEM Suite FREE + shipping



Nero 6.6 OEM Suite FREE + Shipping ???

Might be a good deal if the shipping is reasonable.


I paid $3.99 for my last copy with free shipping. Thanks for the link, I need another. Looks like shipping is around $8. I just found my old price.


Shipping is a little steep, but for FREE, what can you say? At least no rebates.




Chas, ($3.99) shows it is version and shows it is version 6.6. Does anyone know if the versions are indeed the same?


Doesn’t look like it, but it’s not improbable there’s a typo.




Whenever I have purchased Nero Suite 6 I have updated through Nero’s website to the most current version, so the original has been unimportant. Nero currently shows a free version as well, not updatable. I’m not sure about it but it might be worth looking at.


Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.8 is available for download @

It’s not the free one posted as above by chas0039, but it’s slightly newer. The link points to a trial version that you can buy later. I vaguely remember reading something about in the update they allowed slightly more data on the cd-r’s or something like that.

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I think thats a free UPDATE, not a free version

UK customers are not left out though, getting back to the topic… (£2.99 P&P - it might be £3.49 now) - Suite 1 - Suite 1 - Suite 3
Not “free”, but Suite 3 (the DVD suite) would be an excellent companion for a software-less OEM writer

Are they not drivelocked any more?


I don’t think so because my last install was and it recognized my CDR (Yamaha 8x8x24 SCSI)


Still 131 in stock. Not a bad deal except for the shipping.


i been using since i dloaded it off the net way back when it came out. i think it was off some news website that said it was off a magazine or something. Burnt many 100s of dvds/cds , not one single nero-related problem. one of the reasons why i’m not gonna try out the 50 updates that came out since, it just works unlike half the posts i read who apply updates just cus they’re there. my motto = if ain’t broke, don’t go out of ya way to break it more.



I ordered the 6.6 OEM suite from isellsurplus yesterday. I also ordered a 25ft cat5 cable and got both shipped to me for $7.98 total cost


I just ordered the free OEM 6.6 Nero off

Just out of curiosity, how does make any money off of selling something for FREE? Will the CD-Key be good?


It is probably a marketing ploy to draw you to shop from them in the future.


I agree w/ creaky the only reason to download updated versions is if you software is faulty, fails to support new media’s/other software &or it poses a security risk. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Another place sells the Nero EOM suite for USD 5 plus USD 3 for shipping, altogether USD 8.


Thanks for that great post Matth, Nero is just what Im looking for. The suite 3 is slightly more expensive, as a first time user should i get that one? Is that what you meant by OEM? thanks


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another note:" - Nero CD/DVD burning software $5 Nero 6.6 CD/DVD burning software for free. Add one to your cart. Shipping costs $5 for your entire order. This deal expires today.

Also, they have a promotion where you get a free keyboard, mouse, and stereo speakers for free with a $10+ purchase, by using coupon code 3forme during checkout. Shipping costs $5 for your entire order, so if you find something they sell today and you get your order over $10, get the Nero software for free, and get a keyboard, mouse, and speakers for free too."

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