Nero 6.6 & Nero 7 installed on one Drive?

There’s nothing wrong with my Nero 6.6. Have all current updates. I found Nero 7 boxed for only $39 at Compusa after rebate so I couldn’t pass it up. Can I install Nero7 and leave N6.6 still working? I have multiple drives and wondered if I could leave N6.6 on my Fdrive, and install 7 on another? Thanks.

Certainly wait for other replies but, if you use a lot of the features regularly and are satisfied with 6.6, I would suggest waiting for a few more updates of Nero 7. You could also give it a try and do like others are doing and do the paid Beta test of Nero 7. When I say paid, I mean, you paid for it and it is Beta quality right now. You can install it and give it a try. If you run into problems you at least are already at one of the best places to get fixes or post bugs you find. There is supposedly people from Nero that reads this forum.
If you have a scanner, DON’T install the version from the box. There is a good chance it will break the usage of your scanner in 3rd party programs (it broke mine, PhotoSnap was the problem) and uninstalling Nero will not fix it. The latest update didn’t do this to me but the one from my cd did. Fortunately for me I had a recent Ghost image to restore my computer from. There may be other ways to fix it but I hear it is a real pain.

Present issues I know of are:
-latest update shows as “DEMO” in add/remove(although it won’t expire if you have your Nero key entered)
-the updater that is integrated in Nero doesn’t work at all so be ready to d/l full installers (about 100megs) when getting updates
-a user Images bitmap file gets created in whatever directory you installed from everytime you start Nero’s burning program.
-I hear but haven’t tried, that making audio cd’s makes a cd that songs skip on. There is suppose to be a fix though in the forum.
-I’m sure there are other problems people can inform you of

I would suggest looking into what you use and searching the forum for problems others are having with those features and decide from there. Too bad you didn’t get Nero 7 from Best Buy the day after Thanksgiving for Free After Rebate, it would have hurt less.

Sorry I didn’t really answer your question, I tried to install both and it asked me to uninstall the one already installed.

I’m in no hurry to install this. I downloaded the recent update from nero. I think its the complete program (??), so I think I don’t have to install using the cd. I opened the box and I’m just sending the stuff back for the rebate. I’ll wait for some more advice. :bow:

Still no answers for me? I would like to install Nero7 on my USB Drive and leave 6.6 on Drive f: (internal).

I just tried to install ver. 7 with 6.6 still on there, and 7 does not give me the option to install on another drive. It just says 6.6 must be uninstalled before installing 7. You might try installing 7 first, then try to install 6.6 on another drive. I don’t want to uninstall my 6.6 right now to try that.

By the way, Bigblu91 mentioned some problems with ver 7. I have a couple of others. If you burn mp3’s to a cd with Nero Burning Rom, it cuts off the end of the songs by several seconds. Nero Express also cuts off some of the song. In Recode, it doesn’t matter how you set the defaults for taking out languages or or audio tracks, when you start it up, they will all be checked anyway. You also have to adjust the sliders yourself. It does not default to the highest percentage for the movie like 6.6 did. I got fed up with it and removed it, so I am not sure if there are problems with Nero Vison.

I sent an email to Ahead, let’s see if they give me an answer. I use Adobe Audition to make continuous music cd’s… No gaps between tracks but cd tracks are laid down without a skip. Does this mean that I won’t be able to do this with Nero 7. The more I read the more this sounds like Nero 7 is a disaster.

From Ahead Support

Dear Valued Customer,

thank you for your email.

It is not possible to install both Nero 6 and Nero 7 on the same operating system, no matter if you install them on different drives.

Go through the following steps, if you wish to install the latest Nero 7 version:

Rename the folder “Ahead” in folder:
C:\Program Files\Common Files
into “Ahead_2”.
When reinstalling Nero, the folder “Ahead” will be created again.
The Nero’s DirectShow filters and Codecs will also be installed and registered again.
As soon as the folder “Ahead” is once again created in the directory
C:\ Program Files\My Documents
the directory “Ahead_2” can be erased.

Please delete all Nero 7 applications off of your system using our special Nero 7 Cleantool.

First make sure you have your Nero 7 serial key to install Nero/NeroExpress with.

Launch Nero StartSmart and open the Nero ProductCenter by clicking
on the “Nero” logo in the upper left corner.
Select the tab “serial numbers”, here you can see your serial number.

You can also find your serial number by the following way:
Open the registry by clicking on ‘start’ in Windows, then click ‘run’ and enter “regedit” in the text field, confirm with “OK”.

Select the path
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info
Doubleclick the entry: ‘serial7’.
Here you will find your serial number.

The serial number has this form:

The General CleanTool should be used before reinstalling Nero to completely remove all Nero entries from your system.
The General CleanTool can only be excuted if you are logged in as administrator.
Warning: all Nero plug-ins will be removed as well!
Download the General-Cleantool from
and extract it on the hard drive by using WinZIP or WinRAR.
Start the General-Cleantool by double clicking on the exe-file.
> Clean All
> Clean
> Deinstallation of all Nero products.
Restart the PC.
All Nero entries in the registry are erased.

Download the CleanTool for Nero 7 from
to your desktop.
Unzip the Cleantool with WinZip or WinRar and then double click on the EXE file to run it.
Reboot your system when the clean tool has finished.
It will clean the registry and remove all Nero entries.

Afterwards, install Nero 7, the current demo version of Nero 7 can be downloaded from our website.

Customers from the United States, Canada and Mexiko should use the following link:

Customers from all other countries should use the following link:

The folder “Ahead” was created again in the directory
C:\Programmes\Common Files\ .
Folder “Ahead_2” can now be erased if you haven’t already done so.

Should you have any other request, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards from Nero.

Hey Krooze, I found that you can insatall some parts of 6 and 7 on the same drive. I installed the Nero Vison parts of 7 that I wanted to use, like nero vision, recode, and photosnap. Then I installed just to use the Nero and Nero Express. Check and see which of the mp3pro files you have installed. I had to overwrite the ones from nero 7 with the ones from 6.6. So far, everything works fine. By the way, if you don’t want to use backitup and those other programs besides Nero Burning ROM from 6.6, all you have to do is delete the folders under Program Files/Ahead.

The way I feel About this situation… is I screwed up? I shouldn’t have bought Nero 7, lucky I’m getting the rebate back. I still haven’t installed it. I have an old 333 that I’m going to install it on. My 6.6 is running perfectly. Its like throwing in sand with the oil in my car engine. What could Go WRONG? Right? Yea, right! I really think Ahead has let us all down in a major way.

Yes, it was that way with when it came out. It didn’t get straightened out until they got up to the 6.6 versions.

If you set up a dual boot situation on different partitions you can use your second OS install as a beta testing OS.

You can put 7 on the second OS install and keep 6 on the first OS install.

I tried 7 but uninstalled it after I started burning two coasters for every good burn. With 6 I do not burn any coasters.

I will wait a few 7 upgrades before I venture out into that water again.

Looks like thats what I’ll do. Wait, wait, and Wait. I’m not going to screw up a good working 6.6. And of course I’ll remember this when Nero 8 hits the stores next year. :eek:

Gosh does version 7 suck!!! Why did they bother with it?

Yea Suckers like me bought it. Still HAven’t installed it, but sent in my rebate. We’ll see how long that takes. Yep this really sucks!!! Also the 2 second gap is thing is the major problem that bothers me.