Nero 6.6/Nec

going to buy NEC 5170, 7170 or 7173 and/or pioneer 111/112,
does Nero OEM 6.6 work with these ? as I understand OEM means
it is not “locked” to certain model ? here at least version 7.x is not
available yet…using XP with this, although moving to use mainly linux
after having enough with win during 20 years…

I think it’s a case of trying it really. Some versions are locked to a particular drive but I guess it’s a case of what the source of the Nero version was. If it was supplied with a drive then it’s quite likely to be locked although I think this was much more of an issue with Nero 5…

Not sure about the NECs these days but I’d go for one (or more) of the Pioneers