Nero 6.6 MP3 Conversion

Nero 6.6 Edition MP3 Files Conversion to Regular CD for Regular Playing Hello I’m new to this site. Here’s my question. I Own a Micro Track Digital recorded. I record my live gigs on MP3 files. Come home and download the files to my computer and tranfer on to a CD. My problem is that you have to play the CD on a player that plays MP3’s. I want to convert my recorded MP3 files so they can be played on a regular CD player. Help. :frowning: I will be receiving the Nero 6.6 in about 3 days. How do I do this. Using Nero 6.6 Thanks

Welcome to the forum… :flower:

It’s not clear if you have Nero 6.6 now, or are waiting for it to arrive.

If you have selected an Audio CD template in Nero 6.6, then by dragging your .mp3 files into the burning window they will be converted and burned as .cda files for playing on a regular CD player.

I will most likely have the Nero 6.6 by Friday of this week. Thanks for your response.

The best bet is the free app Burrrn ( Much simpler than Nero and doesn’t have all the audio issues that Nero can have.

To follow the above link, you have to delete the ending ) from the web address.