Nero 6.6 & LiteOn SOHW633Sbsoy

Can anyone tell me why my LiteOn sohw633Sbsoy burner (in ext. USB2 case) cannot have the drive speed selected in Nero 6.6 (greyed out…set at 4x). my internal burner allows drive speed setting in Nero…no greying out. Firmware is the latest and using different media doesn’t seem to matter one bit…
Any ideas???
Help greatly appreciated in anticipation.
Stroppy :bow:

Start Nero InfoTool. Does that still show just 4 speed as well?
Looking at the specs, if your using +rw media then 4 speed is all you’ve got.

Just a few thoughts.

Thanks Petera…I’ll try this on my next burn.
At the moment I’ve been waylaid by a crappy flu…hence the delayed response/thanks.