Nero 6.6 is causing my explorer to CRASH!



It’s happened to me twice already, once every week. My explorer.exe would crash and show nerodigitalext.dll to be associated with the crash.

Does anyone know how I can troubleshoot explorer crashes? I’ve tried searching Google for nerodigitalext.dll and shows no results. What does nerodigitalext.dll do anyway?

My nero is the latest version and I’m using WindowsXP Pro SP1 with all the latest updates.


change nerodigitalext.dll to nerodigitalext.old


Thanks for the advice I’m gonna give it a try, however if I change it to ‘.old’ will it affect any of the nero programs that need that dll to run? What is nerodigitalext.dll use for?


you change it to old so that you can return it to dll if things go bad. how many nero apps have you installed ? i have not that dll on any of my 4 systems with nero 6.


Where you trying to log on the net at the time of working with Nero Digital? I have not run into this issue with the latest 6608 or NVE3100 running Windows
XP sp-2 could possible be IE, click on Start>Windows updates.


I only have Nero Burning Rom and NVE installed, maybe nerodigitalext.dll is part of NVE but the strange thing is I can’t find this dll on google, very strange.

Regarding Ismaelm response, no I’m always connected to the internet and I don’t have SP2 installed nor do I use IE. I have no plans to update to SP2 any time soon.


I too, have this very same issue, and found no solution(s) via Google.
Seems like when opening a Explorer window (file manager type, not IE), and clicking on a drive to view or navigate files, this crash happens. Mostly it is via a right click of a file or folder.

First the screen “blows-up”, meaning all icons disappear, only desktop color is on screen, and slowly it rebuilds itself, losing some icons in the taskbar (systray), and all settings for any Quick Launch are gone, which means they have to be turned back on.

This happens from time to time.

I have also verified the file associated with the explorer.exe crash is NERODIGITALEXT.DLL.

What is the file for? I’m assuming the “exr” means or eludes to extension.

I have all of the newest Nero installed, it started with v6.6 and also the

If the file is renamed, what may be assumed will not work or what association is compromised by renaming it?


The file is probably used in .MP4 encoding. If you don’t encode to MP4, go ahead and rename it.


I should also note I’m running on a overclocked system (P4 2.6 @ 3.028) but my system has been rock solid for the past year until Nero was updated recently. I do not install any programs I do not use therefore I have very few programs installed on my computer so I know exactly which programs are causing problems after install/update.


I don’t know if it helps but I have the same problem with Explorer crashing and I’ve used the Visual Studio debugger to track the problem back to NeroDigitalExt.dll which is in the registry as a ColumnHandler. I don’t know for certain what a ColumnHandler is. I think I found the location in the registry to remove it HKCR\Folder\shellex\ColumnHandlers{7D4D6379-F301-4311-BEBA-E26EB0561822}. I’m tempted to just disable it but am trying to figure out what it is first.



In Explorer DETAIL view, if you Right click the column heading line … I bet that’s where those “column handlers” are used - WOW, what a lot of junk you can add to the display!


I should also mention that I also get a Protection Error 157 every once in awhile when I finish burning CDs or DVDs with Nero. I’m going to try updating to and see if the problem persists