Nero 6.6 How to make DVD+R into a -R?



my home dvd player does not seem to like +R dvds. I saw a way before you could make them into a -R.

How do you do this and can nero 6.6 ultra do it?


you seem to be confused about what you’re saying. you must be referring to changing a dvd+r’s booktype (aka: bitsetting), which isn’t changing it into a dvd-r but rather changing the way that the dvd+r identifies itself to hardware devices, typically changing the booktype to “dvd-rom”. changing the booktype depends on the dvd burner you have. try searching the forum for your dvd burner model along with “booktype” or “bitsetting”.


If your burner allows bitsetting of DVD+R to DVD-ROM then Nero can do this automatically for you.
In the Burning ROM , take the “Choose Recorder” option & select your recorder. There’s an Options box, click that & you’ll see the book type settings. Select DVD-ROM from the drop down selection.
My LG 4163B supports bit-setting but it’s not permanent so I have to do this but my Benq 1620 allows for permanent setting so I did that with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed.

Do as suggested by AzImmortal & establish whether it’s possible for your burner. Obviously if it’s one of mine then you now know anyway.