Nero 6.6 Came With Burner. Do I need?

Nero was on a disk with my LiteOn 1693 but I see no need to install it as what I have is doing well.

I’m asking you knowledgeable folks why I would need this software considering what I have (listed Below). I’m very new at Burning and really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.

Are there advantages to Nero that I don’t have with the listed software. I don’t do Music at all. Like it but I’m mostly deaf.

Don’t do Labels. Mostly I do backup games that my Grandson plays when he visits. I backup DVD Movies I have.

I use the CD Creator to drag and drop files to CDs and it is fine for my use.

Appreciate reply.

P4 3.4GH HT
2 150 HD SATA
Windows Media Center 2005
CD Creator
CD Clone
Power DVD


I like Nero. But if you don’t need it, don’t use it. I need it for DVDShrink and ImgTool Burn, and I also use CD-DVD Speed for error scanning with my Benq. Since you have a LiteOn, you can use Kprobe for scanning.

Thank you RickDriver. I’ve decided to just keep it ready to install should the need arise. All seems to be fine now.

Hi :slight_smile:
Just to let you know if you want to test media with CDSpeed you don’t need to install Nero you can run it as a seperate program
Although as you’ve got a Liteon you could use Kprobe

zebadee - Good suggestion. I failed to mention in the original post that I’m not skilled at all with tests of any kind. I’ve seen the previous post of speed and other things using different programs. If I should do such a test I wouldn’t know what it meant!

My systems seems to be doing fine. And I realize that there probably are improvements to be made to the writers. However, with my lack of skill and knowledge I surely would screw something up.

I’m safer just sitting here and doing nothing I think.

Appreciate your advice.