Nero 6.6 Buffer Readings

I’m writing an ISO file. Nero displays two horizontal buffer screens. The top one is USED READ BUFFER. The bottom one shows BUFFER LEVEL.

Could someone explain these two buffer readings? The USED READ BUFFER tends to down to zero then climbs backup. The BUFFER LEVEL (bottom display) is around 92 to 98%.

The top buffer display is Nero’s “Ultra Buffer”, which is a buffer allocated in the pc’s main memory which can be up to 80MB in size. Files are read from harddisk into this buffer first.

The bottom buffer is the buffer within the drive itself, usually either 2MB or 8MB. Data is read from the “Ultra Buffer” into the Drive Buffer, and written from the Drive Buffer onto the optical disc.

Thanks! I have plenty of memory. Would it be best to set the Ultra Buffer to AUTO instead of manual mode? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to read directly from the hard drive to the DVD’s buffer? Reading from RAM is much faster than the hard drive, but the whole procedure will use up more CPU clock time.