Nero 6.6 - booktype setting *unveiled*

After discovering where and how Nero 6.3 stores the booktype setting in the registry
(=> click <=), I now could find out how this is done by Nero 6.6 (aka “Reloaded”).

While Nero 6.3 only has three different settings (for further information see the link
above), there’s a new (fourth) one introduced in 6.6: “Automatic”
In addition, “Unmodified” has been renamed to “Current recorder setting” (at least I
think that’s the same).

In contrast with 6.3, in 6.6 the booktype setting is stored recorder-specific:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder[your recorder’s name here]]
Example: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ahead\Nero - Burning Rom\Recorder\QSI DVDRW SDW-041]

This way you should be able to configure it for each of your recorders separately.

“So… What do I have to change in the registry” you might ask.

Well, here we go:
Run regedit.exe and head over to your recorder (referring to the example above).
Arrived there, create a new value (type: dword) and name it “BookType”.

You now have the following options:

DVD-ROM                  => 0x00 (0d0)
Automatic                => 0xFD (0d253)
Physical disc type       => 0xFE (0d254)
Current recorder setting => 0xFF (0d255)

So to set the booktype setting to DVD-ROM, just create “BookType” and you’re
done ('cause zero is the default value).

You ask why not to use Nero’s interface for changing this option?
Well… For some recorders (e.g. Liteys) Nero simply hides the combobox so
that it’s not possible to change the booktype.

Any comments are highly appreciated. And don’t mess up with your registry…

but doesn’t the old method work with nero

i added to the registry, in the general recorders section the dword “BookTypeDVDROM” and set it’s value to 1, and burned a dvd+R, the booktype that i got was DVD-ROM…
i used the stock Liteon 1633s BS0K firmware…

It seems that somehow Nero 6.6 still relies on the old registry entry.
But when changing the booktype option in 6.6’s interface, the value
above is changed.


When trying the regedit in the original post, and going to the recorder and options in Nero, I am not seeing any drop down boxes that bring up those choices. Any suggestions?

The combobox won’t appear. Only Nero decides whether it’s visible or not.
But IF you can see it, you’ll be able to change the registry entry mentioned
in the 1st post with it. It still has to be clarified what Nero does with it
(when the combobox is hidden), but the old one (“BookTypeDVDROM”) seems
to be sufficient when set to DVD-ROM.