Nero 6.6 audio file input

I have Nero 6.6 burning software installed on a brand-new computer. I’m trying to bring in the contents of some audio cassette tapes so that I can burn them to CDs. Nero says it can do this, but how do I configure it to know where the line input is coming from? In the dropdown box in Nero SoundTrax, the only option is “SPDIF”, which I have no clue about.:confused: Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Gwumpy and Welcome:

How do you have your cassette player connected to your computer? You should have more options than S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format ). FWIW, the screenshot shows my available audio inputs.

If you have Nero Wave Editor as part of your package, try using that but you will still need an audio input from your cassette player.