Nero 6.6 and DVDinfopro bit setting

I’m burning with a lite-on 165H6S lightscribe using DVDshrink and nero-expess.
If I open dvdinfopro with a +R disk in burner and then change booktype to DVD-ROM,… then I open shrink and run it with it set to burn using nero and then after burning I check the disk info with nero cd-dvd speed it shows the disk as a:
disk +R
booktype DVD-ROM.
If I shut down windowsXP and then restart the next +R disk burns as a booktype-+R instead of a dvd-rom.
Does this mean I have to always run infopro for each disk before burning or is there a way to fix that.
BTW in nero burn option it doesn’t give me a booktype option.
Thanks in advance :o :sad: