Nero 6.6 and Audio CD's



Just created an audio CD using Nero 6.6 (latest version). The MP3’s I used all had the titles and artists in the properties for each MP3. However, when Nero pulled the information over, it split the song title in half between the title and artist (example: “Low Rider” showed Low as the artist and Rider as title).

Is this a new bug that Nero’s introduced? :a

“It’s a feature! Not a bug.”


When there is no ID3 tag on the mp3, it will derive the artist and track information from the file name. I would label your track as follows:

artist - track.mp3. This will put the artist and track title in the correct place.


Mike -

Thanks for the response. The pits is that all of the MP3’s have ID3 information in the proper spots. I’ve seen a couple of other posts indicating the same problem with the latest version of Nero.

All I can say (or ask) is, please get the next version right.


Just tried Nero and it extracted the tags correctly. I read somewhere today that there are different ID3 tag versions, could this be the problem?


TimC -

Thanx for the info. I’m wondering if there’s any software available to “standardize” the ID3 tag info…?


FWIW, I opened up a number of MP3’s using several different players (WMP 10, iTunes, MusicMatch) - all report the same tag info correctly.

Also, MP3’s that were ripped from CD’s don’t show up correctly in Nero. I may give Roxio a try to see what comes up there.


Epologue -

I spent the morning doing a clean install, and took the plunge and installed Roxio 7. Did a test burn of an audio CD using the same MP3’s that I used in Nero. Roxio reports the titles and artists correctly, which tells me there’s a coding problem/bug in Nero.


Currently, there are V1 and V2 ID3 tag versions.

Can you post a screenshot of mp3 tag information?

I used winamp:


Mike - see attached. This is from Windows Explorer. FWIW, Roxio burned this correctly. Nero split the song title between the title and artist.


Unfortunately, you screenshot does not show me whether it is an ID3v1 or ID3v2 tag. Also, when you import this audio file into Nero, what does it think the track and artist fields are?


As mentioned before, it splits the title of the song (unless it’s a one word title) in two. For example “American Pie” shows up as “American” under artist, and “Pie” under title.

After installing Roxio 7, Roxio imported the song titles correctly (using the exact same songs and order as I tried with Nero).


Which program were these mp3’s tagged with?


Mike - the CD’s were ripped with iTunes - Tag info came from what iTunes downloaded.


I will do some testing and get back to you.


after some testing, it seems that the Itunes program adds a comment field into the tag information. This extraneous information confuses the Nero program and causes the artist and tag information to be derived from the file name because it cannot read the tag information. I have made this aware at Nero and will work to fix the situation. In the mean time, if you remove this comments tag from the mp3, it will import successfully into the Nero program. Thanks for letting us know.


Hi everyone! Was hoping that someone on this thread can help me with my Nero 6.6 issue. My Nero works perfectly fine but since I installed it, my iTunes stopped burning.

Please see this thread and let me know if any of you can give me a hand.

Thanks again.