Nero update (good or bad)

I have read here some of the comments about the Nero update and it seems some people are having problems.

I am currently using Nero and wanted to know if I should update to or if I should avoid the update and stay with

Thanks for any suggestions or comments :rolleyes:

If you are using dvd shrink and nero to burn stay where you are the dll file is missing to do this. If you just use the general burns go ahead but I recomend stay at version it is the best in my opinion.

Ditto! Did this problem get fixed in 7.0?

The bug that prevents dvd shrink from burning is still there. IMHO this update corrected nothing.

No problems with here. The DVD Shrink problem doesn’t bother me, because I always check the ouput of Shrink before burning. uses almost twice the memory as any older version. 512mb IMO is just barely enough. I would think 1gig or more is needed.

The Shrink problem will never be fixed as it was done on purpose. The author of Shrink is now in the employ of Nero. They want you to use Nero, not Shrink, so they implemented a sort of block so you cannot use the Shrink program to burn with Nero easily. You can still do it but you must rip it to your HD with Shrink and then open Nero and import the files and burn them.

I really don’t think it is a nero Bug!!! It is more like a dvdshrink-out-to-date issue!!!

In the latest version of Nero 7 this problem have been resolved and I have no problem using DVDShrink ripping the video and after that Nero automatically takes over and copy (writes the ripped files) from HD.

Barely enough? I don’t think so, at least according to my experience. That depends on how you use it, I believe. Back when my PC had 512MB memory I had been using and Nero Burning Rom worked smoothly. Works very good. 1.5g memory. Works better than 7 or 8. I’d like to find 6.4.4.

Are you aware you are answering to a 3 yrs old post?!