Nero burning slowed by a 1/10th - inexplicably

I hope some of you reading this can help me. I have an OEM version of Nero burning software - Nero Smart Start. I guess this is the same as Nero Burning rom? I used to be able to burn (no encode) a 4.2 Gig data DVD or an ISO file of 4Gig at 12x in about 5-6 minutes and at 16x it would be around 4 and a half minutes. A couple of days ago it slowed to around 45 minutes whether it was at 12 or 16x speeds.

I have a Fujitsu 1.8 G Lifebook with 1Gig RAM
Plextor 740UF burner (firmware updated)
120Gig HD
USB 2.0 Cardbus card.
Use Verbatim DVD-Rs exclusively upto 16x.

I noticed the problem after I ran Tenebril’s Spycatcher, Spybot and Adaware to find and delete/quarantine the usual suspect intruders and I got a
“General Extraction error location IMP1” error when I put in a blank DVD-R in the Recorder. So I uninstalled any software I has installed recently, which was Ghostsurf by tenebril. I reinstalled Nero and got the recorder to work but at incredibly slow speeds as explained above. I have also attached a log file for ref.


Try to:

a) ensure that your burner drive is in DMA position
b) your had drive has enough empty space
c) defrag your hard drive
d) delete the temp files from you hard drive

Here the same too
What’s happend??

As it seems you didn’t ask Nero to check media compatibility (also speed?), how do you have it configured for speed? Is it autmomatic or did you choose a specific burning lowe speed (check project properties)?
Is you Plex being used in an external case?
If so, how many devices you have sharing the controler? If more that one, have you USB 1.1 devices hooked to the same controler?