Nero 6.6.08a data dvd disk copy problem

v6.6.0.8a can not copy data dvd disk on the fly, it keep ejected dvd+r / -r source and destination disk said READING ABORT,
any ideas or which version do copy on the fly will help, I think nero bug still on
any software do disk copy on the fly beside nero?
win2k sp4, dvd-rom master, plextor 708a slave

Thanks in advance

I’m using and I did 3 on the flys with TYG02 discs and they all tested
at 97 with my BenQ . They did their typical buffer dance when burning but
other than that no problems. Did you make any other changes?
I used a Nero cleaning program (Clean pack) to clean all my previous installs before I installed :confused:

Yes, I did clean before reinstall nero
this very interesting problem with nero, I have found these:
CAN NOT copy on the fly if source are DVD-R (keep eject) branch office depot and nay DVD-R
CAN copy on the fly if source are DVD+R, DVD±RW, DVD-ROM
and yes buffer dance around to keep your eyes open, lol
is there a way to work around with DVD-R to copy on the fly?
or just nero bug?
another bug with nero driver speed controll can not see dvd-r too.