Nero 6.6.013 is out now

Anyone want to see if this helps CDR burning with the 109?

go get it from nero site… don’t have link handy…

As of past few months, neros site is shit slow, here :

I found the fastest to be :
even though i couldnt axx from nero main site, kept failing.

Here is list of fixes:

Changes from Package #1, Version ⇒

Release Date: May 9, 2005
Bug Fixes

  • AAC Audio encoder settings not applied
  • Error using disc finalize feature in the ‘Disc Info’ section
  • Using UDF as default file system for using dual layer DVD-R medias with multisession compilation
  • Nero Express did not ask to save a LightScribe document if the application was closed by ALT+F4 or the [X] close button
  • An internal LightScribe error occurred for print and/or preview if Nero was accessing (e.g. erasing) the same device
  • An “Internal error” occurred if accessing a folder which was linked to a remote network path
  • Added advisory messages

From what ive read some 109 just dont like cdr, i have 1 of these, even though 108 was fine, i will RMA it, i cant sell it on later to get a 110 if it aint 100% working even though i never burn cdr in it.