Nero 6.6.0.x not starting

Yesterday Nero burning ROM refused to start … and after I had successfully burned a CD 2 days prior. Today I updated the installation to, but it does the same thing. That is, when I click on Smart Start (my usual method), I then select burning ROM, it will try to start (a brief flash) but exits immediately … and then returns to Smart Start. Nero Express does the same thing.

Any thoughts?

Nero Full Edition, but BROM and InCD only are installed
Windows XP (sp2)

TIA :slight_smile:

Uninstall it , use Nero’s registry cleaners & then install again. Might work.

I finally got around to dl’ing the Nero cleaner (… sheesh!, they’ve really made it hard to find …), and uninstalling and re-installing Nero 6. It still does the same thing, and I even installed build 16 instead of 18. Really weird! … Smart Start starts, but to select NE or BROM, I only get a glimpse of it before Smart Start returns (… as if “what next?”).

I needed to burn a CD, so I used the WinXP integrated burner. I noticed that the WinXP burner is “powered by Roxio”. Is there a chance it’s interfering?? How about AV software? … any chance Mcafee could be a problem??

… any more ideas???

TIA :slight_smile:

… any more ideas???

TIA :slight_smile:

Can you open Nero from the start menu?

Stick with what works and turn OFF updates. Most of what they do now is not fixing core functionality but rather trying to keep people from hacking them. I don’t see them having a bunch of luck with that either. And stay away from V7 + in any form :iagree:

And ditch incd. Its a bomb waiting to go off. And some of those second stringer programs can kill an entire systen without even trying hard

Nope :frowning:

Could it possibly have anything to do with Data Execution Prevention in Control Panel->System?

I’ll look into that tomorrow. How could that have been enabled? And, why?

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

No idea how it might be enabled but I did see a thread here a while back where this suddenly caused a problem

I thought I had better correct my previous post. That is, I am able to start the “burning ROM” software from the WinXP start menu and outside of using “smart start”. Therefore I am out of trouble, but it’s still a mystery why it will not run from smart start.

Thanx to those who tried to help :slight_smile: