Nero Released



Download or [](Link 2)


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Whats been changed?


Maximize bug has been fixed!!!


Same here! Finally! :cool:


Good. That bug was not good on my 1024*768 screen. Anybody has a mirror link? Getting 16.7KB/s…


It is also on


Also found at



Anything else that has been changed?


awww poor baby… :stuck_out_tongue:


Why isn’t the update on Nero’s website?


What’s the maximize bug?


If your using v6.6.0.6 you should know. In case your not it’s a bug where u have to maximize twice in order to…maximize.


Nero Info Tool
LG 4163B
16x media can be burned at 126x ?!?! :rolleyes:


Wow - I see what you’re talking about, but you’ve got to be kidding??? That’s worth a download of the entire program? Doesn’t Ahead ever have to pay for bandwidth?

Now if they’d fix the auto-eject on completion problems, that’d be worth a new update (to me). Any news there?? :wink:


This is a first. The update isn’t on the main site yet, but the changelog is.

Version Number:

(Changes from Package #1, Version to

Release Date: 02-21-2005
New Features

* Added LightScribe support
* Added support for DVD-R Dual Layer format

Bug Fixes

* The application did not start in the desired user language
* Nero failed to correctly identify the source media during a DVD copy process
* Added/corrected some small language related GUI changes
* It was not possible to enter a file/folder name which contains 0x5c characters
* Nero wrongly reported 'Not enough space on the disc' in unfinalized multisession compilations
* ISO9660-1999 was set to all compilations which made the discs unreadable on OS prior to Windows XP
* Nero Express did not offer anymore saving error logfiles
* Added localization for the audio plug-in manager
* Resolved a wrong behavior when double clicking on the column separator in Audio and Video compilation view
* The user was still in the ISO view when ISO9660:1999 was enabled in the compilation properties
* The wrong track number was displayed for playing an audio/video tracks in audio/video compilations
* In (S)VCD compilations, when switching the file system to ISO Joliet; it did not enable Unicode names
* Removed unsupported *.pbm file format from the filter of the open file dialog
* For (S)VCD compilation, *.wmf files could not be added anymore and the file preview was not working
* In an audio CD compilation, when clicking the headline to sort the order, the start and end time were not corrected



There’s also a new NVE on the FTP server

Version Number:

(Changes from Package #2, Version to

Release Date: 02-21-2005
New Features

* Added support for DVD-R Dual Layer media type*
  • “BurnAtOnce” and DVD-R DL VR are not yet possible

    • While exporting content to Nero Digitalâ„¢, NVE wrongly asked to change the NTSC/PAL project settings
    • The MPEG4 file type description was showing the wrong information
      Capturing from web cams to Nero Digitalâ„¢ format was not working
    • The application terminated when capturing from DV source to the HDD (FAT32 file system only), after the output file exceeded the 4GB border
    • It was possible to save invalid settings for capture devices which caused a failure while initializing the capture device when it was used the next time
      Capturing to HDD failed if the target path was not on the same HDD partition where the application was installed
    • Transcoding from a MPEG-2/PAL source to MPEG-2/NTSC target, created an unusable output file
    • When a DV-Type2 audio stream was cut in the “Make Movie” project, the application terminated with an error message
    • When playing back some MPEG-4 files (e.g. as preview), the application did not decode them properly
    • The text effect “TypeWriter” did not apply empty lines which were inserted by the user
    • For slideshow projects, an MP3 file inserted as background music was played too slow in the preview
    • The chapter auto-detection was always taking the wrong frame (one frame before the correct one)



Now up on the Nero website, along with the NVE update.

As always, I get much better DL speeds from the Japan server:


@ Toink,
for some reason your nero ftp2 link takes me to the Adobe reader website.



same here, has anyone got a torrent file for nero