Nero and Plex 716a



anybody testet the new nero with the Plex?


If you mean, then yes I have been using it without any problems.


i mean


Not yet - connections still too slow. Is there a problem with ?

#5 works fine. I haven’t seen a version out yet?


fuji Film DVD-R 8x TYG02

plextor 716a fw 1.04u TLA:0101

nero data disk 4.4gb burn time 7:12

media speed set in nero to 16x disk slowed to 8x for last 500mb

AS: on
PR: on


same here.slow down at the end.


Both Nero Product Center and the Nero website show as being the newest version. Where is this elusive What was changed since



Read about on the home page!



I find in general, unless the media is real 16x media not 8x that plextor will burn at 16x if burn at 12x I get less chance of PR slowing my burn then if I set it to 16x.


Thanks for posting the ftp download link but I see no mention of it at Before starting a 30+ mb download on a dial-up connection, I’d like to know what was updated. If someone could post the link to the website that gives this info or post the update log, I’d appreciate it very much.