Nero Vs. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Pro

What a weird conflict. We recently installed Acrobat 7 Pro on two of our workstations (mine is one of them), and I began to notice weird Nero buffer behavior. When burning a backup from ISO, it might take 30 seconds for the buffer to fill… and during the burn itself the buffer might go from 80MB to 0MB and sit there for another 30 seconds before starting to fill again. I originally thought it was due to the new Nero version, but any programs that require slow, steady data from an IDE hard drive can experience “pauses”… video playback is really prone to this on our machines. They’re not slow machines, either–Athlon XP 3200+ CPUs on nForce2 400 Ultra chipsets with 1024MB RAM.

This isn’t much of a post, but since it took forever to figure out what was screwing Nero up, I thought I’d give people a heads up. Too bad. I really liked the new Acrobat.

i have both installed on 1 of my 2 machines and haven’t experienced any conflicts yet.

I don’t have any problem either. I installed Adobe 7.0 first then did Nero upgrade from to

Then it’s probably something else on the machines that doesn’t get along with Acrobat Pro… I can get rid of Acrobat, and the IDE controllers are nice and fast again.