Nero tell me please how to un install

i have had nothing but problems since i upgraded to…is there a way to get a complete clean un-install …i would like to re-install the nero version 6 ultra edition from the disc as i had no problems with the original version… cheers

Use your restore function to go back to before you installed Nero

unfortunately i do not have a restore point that goes back that far…:frowning:

are you saying the Add/Remove does not completely remove Nero?

Try the nero clean tool

i found that the nero remove program makes it look like everything is gone, but when i opened windows explorer i found that under programs-ahead-nero was still there but renamed with a (2) behind each name such as NERO MIX (2). i renamed them by deleting the (2) and found that when i ran the remove program a second time that i got a clean un-install…thanks for the assistance…cheers

Knock it on the head from the Windows Registry.
Click on "Start, run, type: regedit, press enter, find Ahead Folder and open it. Right click on the one or all you want to get rid of and then click delete.
Be very careful not to delete the wrong keys.
If any files still remain in Program files just delete them.
Good luck mate.

Had the same problems, but I just restored to before I upgraded and was back to normal, even though nero showtime remained upgraded, strange.