Nero released

New Nero update released (

It seems to have the same date as That is strange.

Some of the files in the archive are dated later than January 10. They just didn’t update the release date on the site.


The “maximize bug” is still there :Z Nero staff, what are you doing… :eek:

anybody know what is a change between and ?

I know when I’ve used the in the add files I have tried to add one section of a disc and it’s added the whole lot it didn’t happen before has anyone else noticed this

I have barely started to use version and already there is another update to install? :Z

What happened to the days when companies would fully test their software before releasing it to the public? With so many updates coming so close together I am starting to feel like a beta tester :eek:

being an unknowing/unwilling software beta tester is really nothing new (especially with Nero). just take Windows for example…

Are there any other fast download servers. the nero site are really really slow.


but most of the sites will only give you Burning ROM and not sure if the trial is the same as the update package.

Demo and update packages are identical, the fastest Ahead FTP mirror is, you can’t browse it but if you add the necessary file name to the URL the download will kick off immediately and will be as fast as 120 K/s.

Will give it a pass.

Yes, I don’t understand why they released a new update but didn’t fix the “maximize bug” from :confused:

Am I wrong or has only 2 modalities: t-a-o and d-a-o (which in reality is dao96)?


For those who don’t mind reading Korean.

Usually at least 5-6MB/s.

Got this from the package.

; CD-No: 6607
; Order-ID: 3395
; WebVersion created : January/17/2005 14:03:29
; WebVersion checked successfully with DrWeb, including latest virus definition from January/17/2005 12:42:00
; WebVersion checked successfully with Sophos Anti Virus (SAVI), including latest virus definition from January/17/2005 12:49:12
; Info
; This installation package contains the following software
; (this list might not be complete and is for reference only)
; Nero Burning ROM + Nero Express
; - Nero Cover Designer
; - Nero CD-DVD Speed
; - Nero DriveSpeed
; - Nero InfoTool
; - Nero BackItUp
; - Nero Wave Editor
; - Nero ImageDrive
; - Nero Soundtrax

Also on my ODD page.

I just dl new v6.6.0.6 the file size is smaller than v6.6.0.5 and I noted on 6605 is take more time to launch than 6605 other than that I have not try others:
burn cd/dvd, disk to disk copy…
anybody have try that and notes anything.

100,201,953 bytes vs. 100,088,984 bytes. Which file out of the 238 files is smaller exactly?

nero burning 6606 smaller