Nero cd burning completes burn but program crashes PC

I using Nero 6.6.06 on my WinXP pro SP2 machine.
A64 3200 winnie with Neo2 Plat…running MS ide drivers with my BenQ dvdrw…I have burned 4 cdr…verbatim 52x cdr

3/4 time the burn finishes ok…click done and try to close Nero and I get error message…serious error occured…I open winxp explorer but no other program…I have to reboot to use the PC

I have disabled IMAPI cd burning…

any suggestions??

Only std tip - get the Clean Tools from Ahead.
Uninstall all Nero apps.
Use all clean tools
Reinstall Nero
Try again

And look at your chipset driver - but as you are an experienced user, I would say everything ok with them.

this is very bizarre as I reinstalled winxp pro with slipstreamed SP2…only got clonecd,clonedvd, dvd decyrpter installed…never had conflict before with these. I just did the winxp install last weekend

DVD burns will not do this only cd burns

When I used on previous winxp install no problems…I may restore with my winxp image that has no Nero on it …and go back to…

NForce3 5.10 unified driver… chipset drivers…only use NF 3 SATA drivers…ms ide drivers for my optical drives

Do you have AnyDVD installed and running ?
I have the same problem. Burning of DVDs is fine. But when I burn a cd with anydvd running, Nero finishes the burn and then just freezes (CD is complete,i.e. with LeadOut). Only a hard reset can get my pc back to life.
If I disable AnyDVD before burning Cds everything is fine…

Hmm…I have AnyDVD installed but not running…in fact I have not even run Anydvd except when it was installed

I have the same problem (xp pro, sp2, neror after a verify completes, about 3/4 of the time the system hangs. Never had AnyDvd installed.
Have tried uninstall reinstall of, and uninstall of 6.6.06 and reinstall of and earlier 6 version, all to no avail. This was working with out a problem. then I didn’t use nero for a while during wich time I installed more software, and some
of the endless stream of Ms patches. Now it’s broke I am not sure what caused it…arghhh. Have turned it into nero as a bug, no feedback yet…

FYI…problem with cd burning creating a hard lock is gone in on my system…even with AnyDVD

Nope, just got a lockup on, although they seem less frequent…and they only seem to happen when burning DVDs in my BENQ DW1620. Just burned
10 CDRs in my Liteon drive with narry a hickup. Haven’t gotten thru 10 DVDs without a lockup in a long, long, time.

BTW: Neros response to the bug report was less than stellar, they sugested updating the dvd burner firmware, which is already current…Looks like I keep living with the lockup.