Nero and pioneer 109 working



suddenly working together before any brand i was putting in was unreadable on dvd - rom liteon and also freezing but i just installed nero from and now reads on liteon and no freezing on all speeds only slight pause when the copying gets faster. now my only problem is the pioneer just slows down after 60 percent on all my dvd-r media to 2.0x with dvd dycrpter i have firmware 1.17 :bow:


I’ve had no problems with and the 109. DVDs and PS2 games work well.

The playback was poor when playing a DVD from the 109. But the firmware updates fixed this for me.



Update it to Nero!!! >-O


I am using no probs here either.


The drive & firmware must be so bad that it is working well for those posted here.
Wait, that makes no sense really…


Hi every one, I use Pioneer dvr-109 for about 2yrs, Nero software, normally before I copy a dvd (not encrypted) only took about 20m to read and burn. After I try to copy a dvd (on that dvd say: will cause slight pause if copy) with dvd srhink 3.2 (it didn’t do it), then I try dvs decrypter (this software did do it). But one thing happend after that, my dvd burner getting slowly when read and burn, now copy a normal 4.7 dvd with Nero it takes nearly 1hr. I’ve already uninstalled dvd srhink,dvd ddecrypter … but my dvr is still slowly.
Any one know sth about it please help me, what’s really wrong in there and what I should do.
Will Yahoo Messenger software affect it, this is the only new software recently installed


Just out of curiosity, why not use


With my dvr-109, I update it’s firmware from v 1.17 to v1.58, after that it do copy cd and dvd really quick again, but with some dvd when I try copy it with dvd srhink 3.2 it causes slight pause (but only see slight pauses when play from the files in pc, after burnt to a dvd disc it play ok in a dvd player), I think there is a or some software already put in the original dvd that causes slight pause. The firmware v1.58 is very good for pioneer dvr-109, I think. You can download it from Pioneer webside.