Nero New Installation Bug



With previous Nero versions 6.x.x.x it has been possible to uncompress the executable download to save a little time during installation. Further to this once decompressed it was possible to perform a silent, zero interaction install with the below command line, certainly upto version

setup.exe /silent /sn=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /write_sn /no_ui /noreboot

However the release of Nero now sees this command line fail to perform the installation, instead an error is returned:

"An error occurred during the copy process (file name: ).
Error: 3
The system cannot find the specified path.

Please reboot your computer and retry."

Needless to say rebooting makes no difference at all. It would be nice if Ahead did a little more testing when they release their products instead of pushing out half finished jobs. It always seems to be the case that they fix some bugs and introduce some more bugs…unfortunately this bug is somewhat on the fundamental side! If anyone has any knowledge of Nero changing their command line options can you post it here?

Fortunately running the downloaded executable or setup.exe (if you’ve decompressed the download) will allow installation to occur.

I forgot to add that installation was taking place over a network, and from what I can see it seems that the probelm is indeed network realted (and has been seen on two machines, one a PC, the other a Laptop). One thing that suggests it’s a network install problem is that if I just run setup.exe, and click through the installation manually, at the license agreement stage the text of that license agreement is missing, when it should actually be reading it from a subfolder to setup.exe called “setup” filename is “Eula_eng.txt”. It is after agreeing to nothing and attempting installation start that it fails.

  • This has only happening since Nero
  • All decompressed folders and files names remain unchanged


The below is my workaround for this issue…

REM Installing Nero Burning ROM
C:\NERO\SETUP.EXE /SILENT /SN=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /WRITE_SN /NO_UI /NOREBOOT


Being not so techie, where do I input the above? I’m getting the same error.