Nero stalls on CD burning (not dvd)

I’m not too familiar with burning softwares but i never had burning cd problems until now. I recently got or something and burned audio cds with it, nero stalls completion bar stops at a certain point occationally and the burner keeps running until i restart.

so i upgraded the patch to, it still does the same. I never had problems with nero 5, i was wondering if i can get any help here?

Thanks in advance!!!

Go back to Nero5.
It’s usually better than 6.
Or use a better program.

try cdburner xp pro, freeware available at

PS I’m not promoting it, just suggesting an alternative :bigsmile:

What brand of media are you using with your recorder? Open CD-DVD speed and go to extra then select disc info.

Click on copy and paste in your reply.

I have very nearly the same problem as SEP900. However I am using the latest Nero And NeroVision Express and when trying to burn a dvd-video project the burn gets all the way to the end … and then hangs! Nero stops responding and the disc spins until I unplug it!

(I’m at work so I can’t get all the details now but…) Fuji DVD+RW, MicroSolutions Backpack USB 2.0 DVD+r/+rw (NEC 1100A), The very latest Nero upgrades (as of last week anyways), Windows XP Professional SP2, P4 1.5 gigs,

That is exactly the same problem I am having, seems to happen to me with DVD’s and not CD’s. Please keep us informed on this one.