Nero Joliet Volume Label limitation?

I am using Nero When burning a VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD using Nero Express wizard, there is no way to enter a volume label (Disc name) greater than 16 characters. All of the other burning programs that I have allow this. Is there any way to do this with Nero? (In Nero’s Configure setup there is an option for “Check Joliet file names before burning”, but this does not have any effect).

Also, the disk name always defaults to “NEW”. Is there any way to get Nero to use the Source Directory name instead?

I also cannot make Volume Label any bigger then 16 cerracters when it’s supposed to be 32 caracters with iso level 2 but nobody on here seams to have a clue what we are talking about I guess cause I made a thread on here a week or so ago and I got no replys so I guess we are just screwed. Maybe we should try contacting nero directly however I dought that will help either. I’m sorry I’m frusterated with this prob and I it probably shows sorry…