Nero for benq drive

Found new version here (140 mb):

not tested

what is so special about this version? adds some unique features? lightscribe?

Downloading it now, wonder what extras it will have.

This version is on Aheads ftp servers since 4 weeks. lol

If there is anything special about it then post back and let the rest of us know.

Nero often makes ‘OEM’ versions for manufactures that only works with that kind of brand. At work we have an external Sony drive with a Nero OEM version that only works with Sony drives.
If this version only works with benq drives I don’t know but others will post their results soon overhere.

I think it’s for Benq notebooks only (Benq Joybook), see screenshot

Just installed it on my system and works fine with all 3 of my drives, which are a Benq 1640, Samsung 162C and a Nec 3500. Can’t seem to find any differences with which I used to use. There are no extra Benq specific logos or settings whatsoever, so it’s a mystery to me.

Would there be a reason for me to switch back from Nero to this

Actually the background in Nero StartSmart is BenQ styled. :wink:

why is it a 140mb file? What the heck happened to the individual updates.

Anyone have a change log??

Heh, didn’t notice that, never use it :wink:

A changelog isn’t available in the archive itself unfortunately.

I just applied and used it for the following burn.
Apparently, it doesn’t hurt.
Edit : Plextor batch 098 burnt 16X WOPC off, Short Lead-Out in 5mn 40

Nice scan Sapa!

I downloaded it twice and I get a check sum error. Can someone with a working DL post a mirror. :slight_smile:

Any upgrade fee, or time limit if upgrading from a previous oem version?

It is not an upgrade, its an update of the 6 series. You pay for upgrades not for updates.

Actually, this is the default BenQ style.
Purple… hmm… nice. :wink:

Is there anyway to update CD-DVD Speed within the version of Nero. Mine has version 4.06, and 4.10 is available on the Nero site and 4.11 is out there somewhere. Is there any difference in the versions and how can I put the lastest version in the Nero Suite, and if I can’t, is there any harm in having two version of CD-DVD Speed on your desktop?

I am using cdspeed 4.11 with on my desk top, you will have no problems but you can’t update within Nero