Nero With Win7

How well does nero 6xxxx work with Windows 7? From searching on google I found some results saying it works but you will get a compatibility error come up but just click run program.

I know Nero 9 works from reading on the net but is it still bloated like 7 and 8? where as 6 isn’t.

Some Vista users have reported running Nero 6 in WinXP mode, and I suspect that’d work for Win7 if Win7 has WinXP mode. I know nobody who’s tried it and don’t know for sure, but maybe somebody with Win7 and Nero 6 could try it and let us know results.

Or you can try it.

If you can install virtual XP Mode it will install there with ease on win 7.

Just for regular install 7 will bulk saying all the functions will not work under 7. You have to get Nero 9 Reloaded to properly work with 7. Even 8 as mentioned on the Nero site might not work properly with 7 they said.

Well I already have Nero 6, didn’t want to get 9 unless I have no choice as all the versions of Nero after 6 seem bloated with alot of things that are not needed or is it not as bad as I have read? Would only be installing Nero burning rom, none of that other stuff it comes with.

You can do a custom install and that would only install what you want.

Is the Nero 6 at instead of Would be more compatible in the burning?

IIRC is the preferred version.

Thank you for reply

Is older preferred to newer? If so I would ask how, please.