Nero vs memory usage



After reading (more than once) that Nero uses more memory than the previous version ( I decided to check.

Burning the same disk, v6.6.0.18 uses 103 MB, uses 286MB! Can anybody tell what advantage this gives me? I cannot see any, plus, the older version is more responsive.



meet ultrabuffer, uck, all I know is that durn version won’t close down normally after a copy on the fly


You don’t need to open the new thread for this issue, the subject has been and is being discussed right here if you read it:



Thanks guys! I’m here daily and do not recall seeing the other threads [sheepish grin].

Edit: Checked the other threads, no answer to my question. Very amused by some herbert saying the more ram a program uses the better :confused:


I have not checked about the memory usage of Nero and Nero myself. It is probably true that uses (much?) more memory than Nero One of the reasons may be the new ULTRA BUFFER feature in I do not see any performance or memory issue myself, may be because I always shut down other programs before burning a DVD.

For me, the reason why I use is the fact that it supports automatic bitsetting with my Plextor PX755A DVD burner, while does not.


Bitsetting here is taken care of here by modified firmware; not that its adsence ever caused a problem anyway.


The firmware I use is the official 1.02 firmware from Plextor, and [B]not[/B] any modified firmware.

Even with the firmware installed, [B]does not give the option to use bitsetting[/B]. This is a new feature added in Probably it is not important to you, but it is for me.

If you find to work fine then good for you, just as I find to have the necessary feature and work fine for me. :bigsmile:


I’m not so sure about this. I have installed on my machine, and it does in fact support bitsetting. I wouldn’t think they would remove the feature for one version then add it back later. :cool:


Your drive is not the same as mine. May be that is the difference? :doh:


So you’ve got a crap drive that needs a memory grabbing app to do what you need, whilst we get by with an extra 200 MB free!!! :rolleyes:


Maybe, I don’t have a 755 so can’t say for sure. I was only pointing out that bitsetting has been available in Nero prior to

The option to set bitsetting can also be accessed with Plextools.


So what? Crap Drive? I have had absolutely no problems with, and I am most happy about the burning quality of my Plextor PX755A. I do not think it is a crap drive as you say.

I do not run other applications when I burned my DVD, therefore the fact that it takes more RAM than previously does not matter to me at all. I do not have any problems when my previous PC only has 512MB, and now I have 1GB RAM it is of no concern to me.

You are entitled to whatever opinion you may have. I just don’t agree with your assertion that my Plextor drive is crap, that’s all. :stuck_out_tongue: