Nero d/l issue?

I tried a new d/l of this version on my other notebook from a Link from a member of another forum and had headaches!!

On the Nero site there is only and I was told that this version is not stable. I have the on my other notebook and it is fine. In the Nero forum they advised that the was unstable and that the 18 version was recommended to be installed, however I was puzzled as to why it is not on the Nero site for d/l. Any comments re this???

When I did the d/l it corrupted my IE6 and OE and so I tried to uninstall it. I have never had to uninstall Nero before.
It took several hours to get the Tools off the internet, the only way that I got them was to disconnect my Router and also disable my Xp, sp2 firewall which made me feel uncomfortable.

I also had to put a check mark beside TLS 1.0, by default in my Toshiba note book this was unchecked and the SSl 2.0 and SSl 3.0 were checked.
All of this had to be in place before I could do a d/l of the Tools and I had to do this to rid of the d/l of the Link which were 2 for the Nero, the first for the Nero and the second for the Nero Vision. When I clicked on the freshly installed program nothing happened. Remembering that I got the Link to do this from a member of another Nero forum.

Then I tried a fresh install after using all of the Tools and a Reg clean with my Tune up 6 and still it would not work. So I uninstalled and Reinstalled the program again only to have it not work and corrupt Any Dvd plus other programs and also cause Any Dvd after I did an uninstall of it and a Reg clean not to work with my External Burner. It took me awhile to figure that one out and the solution was to disconnect the burner from the power bar for several seconds and reconnect and now Any Dvd recognizes both my Internal Drive and my External Benq as it always had before.
At the moment everything seems fine, i have Clone Dvd on the Notebook and before had Nero’s OEM which came with my BenQ burner the old version of and there were no problems until I tried to install this I am wondering if I should try to d/l the antiquated version of the OEM and whether it would work or do members have other suggestions as to how to get the latest most stable version before the that is on Neros site and mysteriously missing the

If this is the most stable version, why does the Nero site have the still there?
Does anyone know about any of this as I would like to have my Nero working properly. Right now it is not installed. I could not do a d/l from Nero as I said without disconnecting the Router and the sp2 Firewall for the tools.

Why would the last version of Nero 6 the .18 no longer be on their site, only the .14 and could the Link provided to me for the .18 from the other forum have been corrupt???

BTW I never had “InCd” installed. And I never had Nero as my default for photosnap or media player.

I really would appreciate comments on what I had to go through to get this program’s uninstall tools and then the problem of the .18 not even working after the D/L???

My colleague has purchased version 7 and had some issues as well with it and told me not to bother buying it til later and simply update the Nero 6.

I really look forward to comments as I want to have a working Nero, but if I have to go through all of this to do a uninstall I really wonder about the program. There was no conflicts with Clone Dvd on my notebook before with the OEM version and a couple of updates to it that I don’t remember what the last one was, however I know that it was an older one.

I did save the uninstall Tools to a Folder on my Desk top in case I want to tackle this Nero again and have problems.

What 6 version are members using out there now and what is the most stable version since Nero is into version 7 now.

I look forward to experienced comments from a great forum of knowledgeable users.

(I really don’t like it when you have to go to the internet to get Tools and then in my case have to disconnect the Router and disable the sp2 firewall. I prefer the programs where you did "add/remove " and then a Reg Clean. is quite stable, as is this:, which reduce memory consumption of the program.

The version on Nero’s site is not Version is an older version no longer listed but still on their FTP site.

In the Nero forum they advised that the was unstable

No it is the last version, that they don’t like.

For what it’s worth I use, works fine… I’ll keep it.