Nero DVD backup problems



First post, so please bear with me… and sorry if this is in the wrong forum. :bigsmile:

I have the latest version of Nero Burning Rom and a Toshiba SD-R5372 drive on my Win XP Pro Machine. Up until now, it’s been burning fine. But just tonight, in an effort to put some videos on a DVD+R like I usually do, Nero pops up an error message, giving me a write error. :sad:

The media I was using was some W*l-m**t brand (ilo technologies is what’s stamped on it), and also my usual TDK’s. Both media were +R’s, and both gave me write errors with Nero. :doh:

What I ended up doing, and what seemed to work, was use Magic ISO to compile an ISO image with whatever vids I was burning, and then use Alcohol to burn the ISO. That worked out well, at least on the TDK media. :eek:

I tried to use Nero again, using a TDK CD-R to burn some other vids, and that worked without a hitch. :confused:

Now, I’ve only had this drive for 3 months now. I’d like to know if this is a problem with Nero or if it’s a problem with my drive. Anyone had this happen to them and can elaborate? Thanks all! :bow:


@ chaunceychu
Using nero ‘cd-dvdspeed’…try to do a ‘disc quality scan’. in the toolkit, open ‘cd-dvdspeed’, then put in your disc and under ‘extra’, choose ‘disc quality test’. Run it at 4x or 8x. It will take 10 or 15 minutes for a full disc. Scan several discs and post the results for a typical w*lm**t disc and a typical TDK disc. Save as a .png file.
If you have saved the error log, you can post that as well. Save it as a .txt.


Sorry, read this post after I made a burn.

Here’s the wierd thing:
I thought I’d try using RecordNow Max to burn my DVD’s, and it gave me the same error. This was using the ilo tech brand. I decided to change some settings, and an interesting thing came up: The Temporary folder used for Caching files. I had it on my C: drive and unfortunatly, had >800MB of room left. I tried switching it to another available drive, popped in a TDK DVD, and it burned ok.

Soooo, now my question is: Does that temporary cache play an important roll just for backing up files to DVD?


Hello, chaunceychu. Meet another guy with the same problem. :o
My burner is NEC DWD RW ND-3540A, using Nero (the same version as yours) Windows 2000. The burner bought two months ago.
It nicely burns DVD-R (Verbatim and various sorts) - here we have no problem.
While verifying a +media disk after burning is over Nero reports two or three reading errors (usually the second half of the disk). I tried TDK+, Verbatim +. 2 out of 10 didn’t report errors. The possibility of disks bad quality is low.
Tried to clean the lens with the compressed air - no avail.
Tried the same + media on Linux machine (Suse 9.3) using it’s standard supplied burning program - no errors reported. Before recording it creates an ISO file-image of the would-be recorded files.
There is a possibility of a third program under Windows messing things up during the recording process.
It would be interesting to test some other burning program with a good verification function, but I can’s find a sutable free one - a free version of DeepBurner lacks verification (rather strange, isn’t it?)

P.S. No idea about cache, but it would be nice to check…
P.P.S. I’ve forgot to say that I have plenty of space for temp files… ove 40 Gb :confused: