Nero burn help

Okay, TOTAL noob here to Nero products. I have used Roxio stuff since v5 all the way to v7.5. The latest version is a piece of dung so I have gotten Nero I am attempting to burn some movie files to DVD. What type of file extensions does Nero recognize? I have always converted video files to mpeg-2 for Roxio.
Is there some sort of Nero guide for dummies listed on the forum? Could use short down and dirty from someone with a good working knowledge of Nero. I’m running Win XP Pro on an ECS PT800CE-A with Celeron 2.53GHz, 1GB of DDR, 160GB drive and NEC 3540 burner, factory flash. When using Ez Media 7.0 it appears to be burning at 1X speed. I’m hoping Nero will help it burn closer to the actual 16X speed. If I can figure out how to get set up for burning movies without reading the ENTIRE users manual. :slight_smile:
Any advise, help or guidance will be GREATLY appreciated!!!

If you want to play a video DVD on a standalone player, you must create a video DVD. To burn a video DVD vith nero, you must have VOB files; if you have mpeg files, first of all must convert mpeg to VOB.

If you want to play mpeg files only on computer, then you can burn mpeg files choosing DATA DVD instead of Video DVD.

To burn @16x, you need to update your burner firmware. Nero have no influence on speed, because these informations are stored in firmware, and not on burning software. Burning softwares such as nero read these informations from firmware and display on user interface.

Anyway, I suggest you to buy some quality media, like verbatim, ricoh, or (the best) taiyo yuden (the best, but more difficult to find).