Nero "Bundled" Burnd DVD's will not play, CHECK TV SYSTEM error

Nero “Bundled” Burnd DVD’s will not play, CHECK TV SYSTEM error displays when you try to play it in the dvd player. I used WINAVI 6.2 to convert avi to dvd, then burned with NERO, Nero burned with no errors but dvd will not play. I tried it in my PS2 and got a simular message, TV SYSTEM DOES NOT MATCH. Could this be an IFO problem?

Could it be that you are trying to play an NTSC disk on a PAL player (or vice-versa)?
Check output type and framerate.

That is possible. I am new to this so I will read up a little more and try to figure out what format my DVD player reads and wht format my files are being converted to. Thanks for the advice. I am currently trying to learn about IFO’s.