Nero Burning failed on audio CD - help needed!

I sent the following to Nero tech support but have yet to have a reply:
I have installed Nero 6 and when I try and use it to burn CD’s I get an error message saying that the burn process has failed. I have run a simulation burn and this completes successfully but when the actual burn process begins, the disc drive spins (you can hear the motor fire up) and the process seems to be starting but part way through the process error message appears and the drive shuts down with nothing written to the disc. I noticed that the Buffer indicator doesn’t “light up”, I don’t know if this is relevant.

I have attached the system information as obtained by Nero tool kit (two reports, one for the whole system and one for the ASPI set up which Nero says is corrupted) and also the log error message.

At the moment I use SONIC DIGITAL MEDIA LE V7 - build 2.0.99a (Sonic RecordNow Audio version to burn Audio cd’s and DVD DECRYPTER version to burn DVD’s - both of which function without error.

I also have iTunes 6 ( - CD driver, CD driver DLL installed on my PC which I have yet to use to burn audio CD’s.

Please can you advise me as to the steps I should follow to correct this error, but I need to ensure that any action I take will not affect either of the burning programs I currently use.

Many thanks,



Just out of curiosity … if your Sonic works to burn your CD back-ups why do you even mess with NERO? See if you can upgrade to NERO and NOT ( I read in a posting here that made someone life miserable).

Alos, I always use DVDDecrypter for my DVD Backing up / Burning … extremely more dependable than NERO … hands down every time.


Nero works very well for me. I am curious why you use the older version, jmt06. Have you tried the newer versions and had a problem?

Hi Strachan,
I was going to upgrade to it … then I saw whole bunch of posts on this forum … folks complaining about problems with version AND loss of some of the feature that they liked.