Nero Freezes!

Well I havent burnt any cd’s lately because of my nero. I decided to upgrade the nero because any other old version would freeze up. This new version of nero freezes up on me too! I have windows xp pro. edition and whenever i click on anything thats nero related ( nero startsmart, nero express , burning rom ) it’ll freeze up. It’ll say its LOADING but it never does. Then once Nero freezes up, my whole computer begins to. I can’t open up IE, NOTHING. The end result is I have to shut down the computer manually. Please help someone…

do you have any other burning software installed except nero? it might be some sort of conflict

this might be useful :

Other programs I use are DVDShrink and DVD Decrypter. When I did the cleaner thing; It didn’t detect nay problems.

did you uninstalled any pinnacle burning software recently?
is the resolution 800x600 or higher? (one of nero’s system requirements)

run nero infotool and if it wont freeze then click the save button (the one with the floppy icon) and click save and navigate to the folder you saved it to and open it then copy & paste it in here it might provide some useful information

Hey Phil,
Before you replied to my post, I tried switching my hard-drive to the new one I just bought. I installed the Nero onto my new one and the same stuff happens, it FREEZES! And when I tried to use the ‘infotool’ program, it says Found drive 1 at HA:1 ID:0
…Then it froze & I had to reboot the computer.

what about answers to the 2 questions in my previous reply?
i assume you mean “switching” as “replacing” and that you created/formatted partitions and installed os/drivers/programs to it right? ,try running nero info tool in safe mode to get into safe mode reboot and press f8 until the menu appears and select safe mode