Nero update changes my nero to DEMO



I bought Nero 6.0 Ultra edition and then upgraded first to and then to with no problems. However, when I attempted to apply the update to the system, it said it was DEMO and showed a blank serial number. When I quit out of the install, my START folder for Nero now said Nero 6.0 Demo instead of Nero 6.0 Ultra Edition. When I start StartSmart, it also says Demo, and when I try to re-enter the serial number, it tells me it is invalid!
However, if I uninstall all of Nero and start over again with the 6.0 and the updates it takes the serial number and installs properly. What can be going on?


Where did you purchase Nero 6 from? Was it from or a retail box version?


You may want to contact Nero. When serial numbers leak out and Ahead gets wind of them, they build those serial #'s into their code, as being invalid. Did you register your serial # with them? That is the best way to stay safe, in that, if you have problems like this, they have a record of you and your serial #.

I had to email my info and serial to and have them register it for me, when I bought Nero. I found that tidbit, on one of their pages, as at the time, their online registration wasn’t complete/working yet.

Ya think since they are showing up on many major store shelves, including Walmart these days, you would think they would have some type of online registration system up and running already.


I’m sure this happened before, with a subsequent update to correct the mis-voiding of serials.

Alternatively, have you been careless about posting a Nero log somewhere with your serial not blanked out, as that could have led to it being spread and then barred.


I purchased it online from They had a cheaper price if I downloaded the software, paid them, and then they sent me a URL to go to get the serial number. I suspect that they might have given the same serial number to several people, because the site no longer exists. That will teach me a lesson.
Obviously I will have to pay for another copy of Nero.


You were robbed!

You can find some cheap OEM versions that ARE genuine, but they should not be sold without a drive (or perhaps more generally “hardware”).

OEM Suite 1 (CD suite, though it should do DVD writing, but no MPEG2 etc.) tends to be VERY cheap (eg. P&P only “free” deals), while the Suite 3 (DVD is a little dearer).

Alternatively, if you have ANY existing version, even an older bundle, check for the upgrade price offer if it’s still on!


Matth is correct. It is unfortunate that poeple will sell one copy to multiple people. What I suggest you do is purchase it from a sponsered retailer or from Nero direct. If you purchase it from us, we can apply the upgrade discount without a rebate form. The upgrade price is available from (buy now link).