Nero released!



Updates also on other software:
NeroVision Express
Nero Media Player


Thanks fastleo63! :smiley:



thx, got it.
what r the changes to .12?


Version Number:

(Changes from Package #1, Version ⇒

Release Date: May 9, 2005
Bug Fixes

* AAC Audio encoder settings not applied
* Error using disc finalize feature in the 'Disc Info' section
* Using UDF as default file system for using dual layer DVD-R medias with multisession compilation
* Nero Express did not ask to save a LightScribe document if the application was closed by ALT+F4 or the [X] close button
* An internal LightScribe error occurred for print and/or preview if Nero was accessing (e.g. erasing) the same device
* An "Internal error" occurred if accessing a folder which was linked to a remote network path
* Added advisory messages

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Release Date: May 9, 2005

what? german version was releases on May 12, 2005 - damn, they are too slow… :wink:

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thx :slight_smile:


Not just the german version, that’s the date on Nero’s main site. And yesterday they had not yet the changelog for last InCD version.


Well, Nerovision Express didn’t crash when I started to transcode a file, so that is good news.


Don’t know why Nero InfoTool 3.01 is not include in Nero package 1 :rolleyes:

Nevermind, you can get it - since a few weeks - at :bigsmile:


No bugs on this version yet? Very strange!