Nero Locked Write Speed

When using Nero Express, the write speed is ghosted & fixed at 4x write speed (max speed of blank -R.)

When using Nero Burning Rom, the write speed is shown but can only select 4x write speed from drop down list.

The above happens for Copy DVD, as well as make DVD (from Video_TS files).

Why can’t I select 1x or 2x? Is this something new with

Unfortunately I updated driver to Sony DRU 710A, upgraded the firmware, then downloaded the latest Nero so I am not sure if it is related to the new Nero update. Thx.

@ slang
The Sony 710 is not capable of burning below 4x speed for +R or -R media. Since you have not posted the disc MID, I am going to assume those discs you have are listed at 4x burn speed in the firmware, so the only option is 4X burn speed. Since this is a Sony/Liteon limitation, not a nero limitation, if you need more help(like your discs are ‘8X’ speed rated), go to the Liteon forum. Read the Liteon FAQs. The Sony 710 is a rebadged Liteon 1633/1653.

Thx for the response. No doubt you are correct. I am a little surprised but when burning at 4x to RitekG01 and TYG01 discs, the resultant KProbe scans are excellent. Thanks for the link too.