Nero freezes during data DVD burn



Nero is freezing up whenever I try to burn a data DVD. Sometimes it gets to 80%, sometimes 20%, sometimes only 4%, and all points in between, but it never finishes. The InfoTool report is attached, but I cannot give a history because it never gets far enough to actually report the error! I have tried this with both Burning ROM and Nero Express. I have tried numerous brands of discs as well. The drive’s firmware and the Nero software are both fully updated. I have also updated the NVIDIA drivers, defragged the drive, and closed all running programs, none of which has done any good.

Someone please help!



Any CPU overclocking ? Try to disable it.
Check the temperatures and power supply voltages (with Asus PC Probe for Asus motherboards.)


Possibility of a bad disk? Try a different disk and or brand to be certain. What about going back to a previous version of Nero? What is the drive type and how is it connected? Master, slave, primary, secondary, etc… Windows XP Pro Sp2 or Sp1, etc…?
Check task manager to see what program may be causing Nero to use 100% cpu. 100% cpu usage typically causes freeze related problems. Sometimes if a particular program hasn’t been completely removed, pieces of it may linger in the background and disrupt legitimate programs in use (Nero in this case) and cause 100% cpu usage problems. Windows explorer is typically affected and causes itself and other programs to use 100% cpu. Try uninstalling programs other than Nero that you may have suspicious reasons to do so if they have behaved badly before in the past. This is a judgement call. Have you installed spyware scanners before? Try running scans for spyware as well.

Heat is always a concern. But, in most cases it rarely causes programs to free in my experience. If heat was really involved in your case, than the pc would most likely shut down or keep rebooting itself or even smell like burnt metal and plastic.

I personally think that you should focus your attention to either a bad disk or program conflict (programs that have been removed in the past that may still be in your system registry, bad shortcuts, missing dlls, etc…). Run a good spyware program and Registry program like JV16 PowerTools or Registry Healer, etc… when installing and removing programs to minimize lingering dlls, bad shortcuts, bad registries, and other forms of fragmented data that may try to attach themselves to legimate programs in use, i.e, Nero in your case. Other members may recommend other alternative programs to clean out your registry and system files. Good luck for now.


Well, I’ve tried it with TDK, Memorex and Ritek, and most recently with Sony brand disks (the burner is a Sony DRX700UL).


Update: After running Registry Healer and purging about 390 problems with the registry, the burn process succeeded once. Just once. After that it was back to freezing every time.


This is not serious ! Reinstall Windows.


I’ve already reinstalled Windows twice. It did not solve the problem.


Did you check that ?

Did you check your hard drive ?


If you have a second PC or a friend who wouldn’t mind testing it, I’d stick it in another machine and try burning a few disks. It could be either a faulty drive or a faulty mainboard in your PC. Not necessarily software related.

Or, if it’s less than 12 months old… pop back along to the retailer. If they are a decent crowd, they will either exchange or test the drive FOC :slight_smile:


No overclocking.

I’ve never had mainboard problems before, but this hard drive is starting to get clicky, even after a defrag. I’ll try it on another PC and if it still doesn’t work I’ll start a new thread.

Thank you for your help.