Nero borks NVision

Nero causes nero Vision to crash early in the burning proceedure when burning to image (using the image recorder option).
This crash is reproducable and has been tested across two PCs.
I have not tested if other burning options are affected.
It’s a pain to fix too.



Yup. Just ran across this myself. I had to uninstall nero ultra 6 and reinstall. Has ahead software been told?


Yes, I informed Nero.

Nero has released a new version of NeroVision Express 3
version released April 19th.

Hope this helps…
Go look here:

Just wanted to inform u guys…

I wonder if they test every new release. Propably not!!

New version doesn’t fix the problem. Does Nero ever make a release that doesn’t break three things for every one it fixes? I keep hoping every release fixes the problems they introduce, but they just get more shoddy every time.

…and all the idiots can do is mail back asking for information that I don’t have. FFS why can’t they test it themselves?

If they carry on like this it will be ‘keygen time’ for me when v7 comes out. I have been using Nero since v4 came out and have (officially) upgraded each time.

I had nothing but problems with It still doesn’t work with my Plextor convertx and now I can not transcode any files. Keep getting that junk error message and the Nero error file says “SEH exception”. This was a problem in one of the earler versions and seems to be back now.

Why would they when they have all of us as beta testers! :wink:

There is a patch that fixes these issues it is located here:

Be careful when installing this patch as it sometimes deletes the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows|currentVersion\Run key and all of its subkeys. Back it up before you install the patch and reboot thene merge the backup key you made and reboot. This solved all my problems hope it works for you guys too!

I wonder what kind of patch it is since it might delete this registry key!!

A very badly written patch I’d say!

or a messed up OS config as the patch didn’t delete this registry group on either of my machines.