Nero audio burning problem

hey guys i have a major problem burning cd audio with nero 6 , when i try to burn an audio cd with simulation on burn process gets to the end and it says burn process failed with no explanation :(. ive tried burning with simulation off but the process stays on 5% and doesent get past that if i leave it . Now i have looked on sonys web page for sony dvd rw dw q28a but found nothing, i have tried using various apps for cd burning but they all result in the same action( failing every time). i didnt have this problem a while ago its just something thats all of the sudden started happening . i have also tried nero 7 ultra and with that particular vers. it burnt the audio cd but tracks would skip now and again …i hope someone here can help me out. very gratefull in advance Tom UK

Try Burrrn ( It’s a free, simple Audio CD burner that does a great job.

Burn at 16x or 24x max.

Have you switched CD-R media recently as quality media is important.

You could also post a Nero error log, might help us.