Nero and NEC3500AG


I’m new to using these DVD-+RW drives. Recently I just burned a DVD-R that contains regular data (for backup). I can read the disc on the NEC drive, but not on my Toshiba DVD-ROM 16x drive. What is the problem? Did I incorrectly burned this DVD-R?

Thanks in advance.

How exactly did you burn your DVD-R? What speed did you use? Could it be that your DVD-ROM is incapable of reading DVD-Rs or is not capable of reading if written above some speed? Did you try running Nero InfoTool to get some more info on the drive?

I’m not sure how I burned it, but it was max speed. The above is from InfoTool.

I have limited experience with Nero but I have seen the same thing on my system at times. I would guess that you are doing something related to multisession with your Nero burn and a ROM has trouble with a disc that is not finalized. I never did much digging as I would just get in the habit of using the RW drive to read. I don’t think this is a problem with Nero, just a function of too many ways to burn data discs.

If you insert the disc in your DVD-ROM drive and run the InfoTool again, it will show the actual read speed for that particular disc.

Okay, I put in a blank DVD-R (FujiFilm 8x) into my regular DVD-ROM drive, it can’t seem to recognize these discs. It blinks on and off at a steady rate, then it stays light up. I go to “My Computer” and try to access a blank disc, no good. Is my DVD-ROM drive outdated?

I don’t think you can put a blank disc into a DVD-ROM. There is no reason for it to recognize it. Try putting a non-empty disc.

Put a new DVD-R in the drive. Launch Nero and write in ISO mode. Select START MULTISESSION. Burn data to DVD. Check to see if you can read this disc with your DVD ROM.

To add more data to the DVD-R, put the DVD in the DVD burner and launch Nero. Now use ISO mode, but you want to select CONTINUE MULTISESSION. Add and burn data to the DVD. Again, verify that you can read using the DVD ROM.

Okay, it seems that the DVD-ROM will read the DVD-R if I burn it without multisession. What exactly is multisession?

From what furballi is talking about, is that when you want to add more data onto the DVD-R? And without multisession, there is no more further writing? Please fill me in on this…