Nero Eats RAM when burning DVD



When burning a data or movie DVD+R, my system memory (1 gig) reaches up to 90 percent usage. It sometimes drops back down, then spikes back up to 90 percent. This is with no other apps running. My system uses around 30 percent of memory at idle. Is this normal?

ASUS A7N8X E Deluxe
AthlonXP 2500+ @ 2.2 ghz
1 gig Ram
160 gig RAID 0 (SATA)
Radeon 9800 Pro
LiteOn 411S (burning at 4X)
Nero Ultra Edition
XP Pro (SP2)


same here! after the upgrade i noticed this on my 1gig machine but i am bouncing between 33% and 15%, sometimes it goes below 10 and then freemem pro kicks in and reclaims back up to 33%. plus all my burns fail. i wish i knew how to undo the upgrade. any ideas?


I have same problem with all burning programs (Nero, DVD Decrypter and Alcohol 120%).

No problem with DVD-RW or CD-R, only with DVD-R. Very strange.


I solved my problem.
Antivirus program was causing that.


@ Reindeer
Hey great, thanks for posting back. How about you other two(Soprano,herojig) try that and report back?