Hy, I’ve nero 6.3 on winXP Pro sp2 and I use a LG 4082B with the new 1.06 frimware to write DVD e/o CD

with dvd I’ve no probs but with normal CD (Silver Circle up to 52X) I cant complete a normal writing… I am trying to backup some MP3 and I get a writing error at some perc. of writing. I tried with different files and with many cds, but I still get this error mex (WRITE ERROR). Sometime I get the error at 20%, 35%… random…
Nothing changes with writing speed, I tried 24x, 16X and 8X
Writing failed with 15 cd and was succesful on 3 cds…

Other infos: I tried to burn 3 .cue images with alchool and I got no errors. I told Alchool to use his own cd-rom drivers, but in nero I cant do this, so maybe this is the problem…

Do you know if I can reinstall normal winXP DVDRW drivers which nero uses or do u know if is it possible to use other drivers with Nero instead the normal winXP Drivers?
Any suggestions? :a


just another question: Is there a software like Nero and EasyCDCreator which I can use instead of Nero? I mean a software like Alchool, that has his own writing drivers, but that can also create normal Data cd from HD Files (Alchool can only create and burn images)