Nero 6.3: where can I change the file type association?

I want to autoplay my DVDs in Nero ShowTime instead of WMP. I know I have to uncheck the DVD option in WMP (tools -> options > file types). Then I should select the same option in ShowTime’s file type association.

My question is; in Nero 6.3, where can I change/verify the file type association for ShowTime?

Thank you.


right click on your dvd drive in my computer, click properties, click the autoplay tab, from the drop down menu select “DVD movie”, then click the box select action to perform, then select “Play Video using nero ShowTime”, click apply and then ok. hopefully next time you insert a dvd it will automaticly launch nero showtime.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. i would normaly do screen shots but im tired, however if you do need them i will happily do them for you :slight_smile:

No go, I checked the autoplay tab -> DVD movie drop down menu - I can only see 3 options:

  1. Play using WMP
  2. Open folder
  3. Take no action

I believe when installing Nero I deselected all the file type associations because then I wanted everyting in WMP. Please help.


BTW I’m already using the latest version of Nero. Anyway, I know I can manually add/edit the file type associations in XP’s folder options. I tried; folder options -> file types -> clicked on DVD (listed as NONE, due to unchecking the DVD file type in WMP options) -> ‘change’ button is grayed out so I clicked on the ‘advanced’ button -> ‘new’ button -> what action should I type in? e.g. open, play, run

I can handle it from there, thank you.


you could allways re-install nerovision not whole of nero 6 ultra, just nerovision and then during the installer it will give you a list of file associations to chose from, check the ones you want :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile: