Nero and NeroVision Express 2.1.20 on Ahead FTP mirrors

I just posted the article Nero and NeroVision Express 2.1.20 on Ahead FTP mirrors.

 Our members  eranros,  tazdevl,  wsaintcr and  hernygo used our   news submit  to let us  know that Ahead have placed new versions of Nero and NeroVision  Express 2.1.20...
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The changelog for Nero is (currently) at

Doesn’t help much since the current version is

I know - I posted the information simply to correct a mistake in the original article. The entire Nero web site takes no account of at the moment. As reports indicate a 6.3.1.x build appeared on the FTP servers then disappeared again, I’d rather wait until this appears in the version number list at before installing it myself. I’m not so bothered about the changelog - that typically only arrives later on. Your mileage may vary!

I updated the article. Now it shows for the changelog

The Changelog to is only for Nero Express 6. The changelog for Nero Burning ROM is only up to (See here for Nero Burning ROM release notes) :stuck_out_tongue:
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But the changelog from DavidW also mentions Nero Burning ROM. Maybe the changes between and only concern Nero Express :B

Beware a lot of blacklisted keys !!!

You had some bad experiences? :B