Nero & Roxio MC 7 Problems

My Nero Ultra Suite is working fine (Month Old). I also installed Roxio Media Creator 7 the same time. It seemed to work fine when I installed it a month ago. Now when I click on an application within MC7 a box opens up and says “Please Wait Loading Component” it continues with this box, and nothing happens. I notice that my memory monitor keeps losing available memory and if I don’t close the program, I will lose all memory and the computer will crash. It only seems to be happening in the audio related programs within MC7 and label creator. The Video, and Photo Applications in MC7 are fine. I hadn’t used MC7 yet for anything, so I’m not sure if everything was fine when I installed it. I do know that the label creator worked and remembered opening up some audio applications to see if there was any physical looking differences from EZCD 5. So I think everything worked fine. I did do the lastest Nero upgrade last week, and maybe that may have caused the new problem with MC7. I didn’t install INCD when I bought Nero last month, but may have Accidentally installed it with the new updates last week. I opened up ADD/Remove and InCD was present, so I uninstalled it. I have Uninstalled MC7 and reinstalled it about 6 times now, and it still doesn’t work properly. I haven’t upgraded to XP SP2 yet. I’m running XP home on a Dell Dimension 8200 1.8mhz, 512 Rambus Ram, Liteon 1633S, Nec 7900A. Again Nero Is working fine. I would like to use MC7. I just would like to get everything just working.

Putting different softwares which do the same job on the same machine, especially if they have background drivers (Nero InCD, for example) will most likely cause nothing but trouble.

You probably have a compatibility issue. It’s like running two antivirus programs or two firewalls at the same time. As you said, Nero works fine. However I have had the same experience as you and can confirm Roxio MC7 is far more complicated than Nero (to make things simpler, they say). I think you should run only one of these programs. You decide what.

I do not have In CD installed. Is there any instructions to delete all of MC7 in the registry… then I can try reinstalling it.

Ok here’s the solution. Its not a Nero/Roxio conflict. It has something to do with machines with virtual drives/dvdcrypter. Roxio has a .exe that solved the problem

I just hope sonic solutions has better solutions to Roxio shortcomings. I cannot imagine what average computer users go through trying to fix problems.